What we do.

Our Services.

Positive Insights is one of Africa's most innovative data collection agency with our local presence in 40 countries in Africa in which we deliver high quality research (quantitative & qualitative) to our clients. We engross diversity of methods to make sure we execute the project based on our client requirements, fast and cost effective especially in complex environments (rural areas, conflicts zones etc.) We have heavily equipped our operations unit to enable us to conduct multicountry, multinational, multilingual interviews across Africa and our in-house capabilities include 12 Project Managers, 22 Field Managers, 200+ supervisors and 2000+ interviewers across Africa who are familiar with the major data collection Apps/software.

Some of our available field gadgets are:

  1. 7 inches tablet (Samsung & Tecno) - 600+ pieces

  2. Audio recorder (Sony) - 80+ pieces

  3. Video recorder - 12 pieces

  4. Router-Wifi - 62 pieces

  5. Laptop - 22 pieces

  6. Spy camera - 48 pieces

Our Services includes...

  • Face 2 Face interview (D2D, Street Intercept, B2B) using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview), PAPI (Paper-Assisted Pen Interview), CLT (Central Location Test)

  • Mystery Shopping and Audit

  • Telephone interview using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview), Web base telephone interview, Paper & Pencil telephone interview.

  • Online Web Survey

  • Focus Group Discussion

  • In-depth Interview

  • Observation

  • Secondary information and analysis

  • Ethnographic Immersion

  • Online group

  • Recruitment and Moderation

  • Transcribing & Translation

  • Transcribing & Translation

  • Data coding, scripting, data entry, tabulation and analysis.

  • Training

  • Report writing